The Beauty of Fitted to Perfection

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Fitted to perfection is such a beautiful, happy and elegant phrase. It can apply to a lot of things or events, all of which, bringing feelings of joy, warmth and comfort. Often, the phrase also denotes excellence. Milestones in the life of a person can be described by these simple words. Let us then take a look at some of its application and interpretation.


All weddings are supposed to be happy events. Try to imagine the bride gracefully walking down the aisle as the gushing groom in a suit fitted to perfection waits. Of course there are some exceptions to this general rule. But despite it all, the wedding ring fits the bride and the groom’s ring fingers!

Friendships and relationships

Great friendships and all kinds of relationships are always comfortable and complementary. Time, the most valuable of all gifts from God, makes perfection possible. In situations like this, knowing a person comes with time. And upon knowing, comes acceptance which is followed by trust and respect. As time and events unfold a friendship or a relationship, the parties involved are slowly moulded to fit perfectly.

Clothes and accessories

In the case of lingerie, perfection is attained when wearing them feels like having a second layer of skin. As for shoes, it is when you walk on the high heels for an hour or two, maybe even run a bit, and you can still stand on it for the rest of the day. It is fitted to perfection when you do not come home at the end of the day with bruises and swollen feet.

Accessories, on the other hand, compliment the person, not draw attention from the person wearing them. An example is using a scarf. The scarf is normally used as an accent to plainly designed clothes. Its colour should go with the clothes, not against it. The same applies to make-up. It is meant to hide the blemishes, bring colour to the face and exude the natural beauty of the face.

As for clothes, tailors in Hong kong can help its clients to acquire clothes that can be used at work comfortably while elegance is maintained. Honed by years of experience, Hong kong tailor scan easily recommend the right fabric colour and design capable of emphasizing the best profile of a person.

Once these things are attained, then everything fits just right. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Custom Bespoke Suits For The Grand Ball

GraduationGraduating high school students always look forward to their Grand Ball. Ladies would excitedly wait for who would ask them first to the ball. The gentlemen, on the other hand, spend a great deal of time deciding on whom to ask to be their date for the event. As for the parents, they wait with their fingers crossed praying the budget would to be enough!

I remember when my youngest daughter asked my permission to be a friend’s date for their Grand Ball. Seeing how much it meant for her, I agreed. I smile each time I remember how she and her friends searched for the appropriate clothes to wear. In my heart, I know, she’s creating a memory that will last for a lifetime.

I finally got to meet the young man who asked my daughter to his ball. From afar, I was impressed by how he carried himself in his made to measure shirt. I found much comfort in knowing he belongs to a respectable family and happens to be the cousin of my daughter’s bosom friend.

My impression of the young man grew when I accepted their invitation for a cosy dinner. His mother turned out to be a pretty and kind woman. His father looked awesome in a casual made to measure shirt. The young man must have inherited, not just those good genes, but also his father’s love for impeccable made to measure shirts.

Over steak and salad, his mother and I discussed the clothes our children will wear for the big night. She proudly told me how she had purchased a custom bespoke suit for her son. She was gushing with pride as she shared with me the colour and style of the custom bespoke suit.

Knowing how much the affair meant to my daughter, I chose a cocktail dress of deep electric blue to match her escort’s suit. As the young man was quite tall of good body built, I wanted my daughter to look feminine and fragile. After picking the appropriate high heeled shoes, I made reservations to an elite saloon for my daughter’s hair and make-up.

I will never forget the faces of the young man and his family when they fetched my daughter for the Grand Ball. I saw the admiration in their eyes which neared unbelief that a simple young girl is truly a lady. With last minute instructions, I watched them drive away to the Grand Ball’s venue.

It was no surprise to me when I learned around midnight that my daughter and her escort won the “Couple of the Night” award. They truly deserve that award as they have worked hard to prepare for that occasion. Lastly, they deserve it, having parents who would support them all the way!

3 Advantages of Buying Tailored Suits Online

Custom Tailored SuitA tailored suit is defined as a set of clothing created from one fabric, usually
comprising of, at the minimum, a jacket and pants.  The most conventional style of suits in the Western world is the lounge suits, the traditional British attire.  At times, a suit may be a three-piece ensemble with the inclusion of a vest.

With the onset of e-commerce, tailored suits may now be purchased in any clothing company worldwide.  A comparative analysis of buying tailored suits online against the old practice of physically going to garment stores disclosed certain benefits.  This covers purchase of all forms of items, as well as, tailored shirts.


 Being online, stores are accessible all hours of the day at all days of the year.  Generally speaking, computers with internet access are now considered as a usual home appliance.  Furthermore, computers with web connections are a necessity in many businesses offices and establishments.

Most coffee shops, restaurants, resorts, hotels and malls offer free virtual access to its valued customers.  In contrast, going to a conventional business outlet requires commuting cost, in terms of time and money.  Likewise, business is conducted at specified hours and days.

It is important to take note though, that the latter may be more convenient, in cases where an item purchased needs to be returned.  This may arise from erroneous product given or delivered or existence of factory defect discovered after purchase.  This is a big factor as this situation may require a change in the product or a refund.

Information and reviews

 Virtual stores need to communicate their available products with text, pictures and multimedia documentations.  On the other hand, retail stores can show, to the prospective buyer, the actual item as packaged by its manufacturer.  Depending on the item, it is immediately available for scrutiny, which may involve fitting for tailored shirts.

To cover up for this, some online companies provide additional product info consisting of instructions, illustrations, safety methods and production specifications.  Customers with verified purchases are also allowed to comment on items purchased and give a rate of satisfaction.

 Price and selection

 Being reachable at all times and from the comfort of the home, purchasing items online can save a lot of time, effort and money when doing a canvas.  In the case of a tailored shirt, a simple web search will enable the interested buyer to visit as many clothing online companies in a short span of time.  Consequently, prices may be compared among the wide array of selection.   An efficient survey of available products at quoted prices is easily attained when buying online.

Depending on the profile and preference of the buyer, purchase of goods and services may be done through an actual visit to retail stores or through e-commerce.  Whichever way, it would be best that the buyer be aware of the benefits and limitations of each method.