From the Movies : Crazy Stupid Love Men and Clothes

You may not be a romcom movie type of guy but Crazy Stupid Love, a 2011 Romantic Comedy film, is worth a try. It is a story of a middle aged man Cal Weaver, played by Steve Carell, whose life turned around to a catastrophe when his marriage started to fail and lead to his wife asking for divorce. In a bar, he accidentally meets the swagger young professional Jacob Palmer, played by Ryan Gosling. Jacob helps Cal reinvent himself from a boring husband to a confident, positive and smart looking man, just like him, who can take home any girl in a bar.

Party related yourself when you read the words “middle aged man” and “boring”? The rediscovery of Cal was all about having an irresistible personality and the looks that goes with it. Or the other way around, having good looks then confidence and personality just comes out naturally. In the film, Jacob accompanied Cal to buy new dress shirts, jackets, suits and shoes. After looking superb in a suit and tie, progress on his personality followed. He slowly became like Jacob and women started to fall in love with him the moment he walks in the pub and talk to them.

Just like Cal, a fashion makeover may initially feel weird. You may not like how certain piece of clothing set on your physique, or you might get irritated and hot on the layers of clothes, or your friends might make comments and tease you because of the sudden change. But I bet, better looking garb has massive effects. You are judged by people based on how you look. Your credibility is somehow relies on how you carry yourself and your overall façade; from your hair, wardrobe to the lace of your shoe. You may not notice the consequence of wearing nicer, sharp and crisp looking outfit, but others do; plenty of them. Given all things equal for all options, a person with a pleasing look and personality has a higher possibility in sealing the deal. Circumstances like landing a job, winning an advertising pitch, selling an insurance policy, or getting a girl from a bar, if you look better than the next choice, without a doubt, you will nail it.

Don’t wait for a failed marriage before you self-evaluate your look. Don’t wait for a rejection from a job application because the guy who came in before you had the same credentials as yours but had a better fitting suit and cleaner hair cut, don’t wait for a Jacob Palmer to randomly talk to you and tell you he’ll help you do your fashion make-over before you actually do something with your whole wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of change. If it will make you look and feel better about yourself, go for it.


Men’s Style: Jeans Talk

Men's Jeans

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A man’s closet is never complete without a pair of jeans. It is the king in a man’s wardrobe in terms of usefulness, versatility and frequency of use. Other than your work clothes, the jeans are the most worn item from a casual date, a walk in the park, doing the grocery, or even when you are just at home. It may not be the most expensive clothing item you possess however; you should know what to look for in buying the correct one as you’ll wear them for years.


Fit and Style

Jeans Measurement

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Know your real measurements. A 32×32 measurement means 32 inches waist and 32 inches inseam. If you wear 32 sized jeans, it doesn’t mean that your waist measures 32 inches. A universal marketing strategy of clothing brands is vanity sizing. Your waist is probably 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches larger than your vanity size and this factor differs from brand to brand sometimes from one style to the other. So it is still necessary to go to a store and try them on. For the inseam, 32 inches is standard and most common. It is safer to buy longer jeans for allowance for possible shrinking. You can just fold it or have it altered. For the buttocks and thigh area, you may choose between a regular or relaxed fit. Widely chosen fit is the regular but for muscular men; a relaxed fit better suit you considering it is more comfortable. In terms of rise, or the distance between the top button area to the crotch, the options are either high, mid or low rise. Low rise are often worn by younger men below 30s or for men without a muffin-top to show. A harmless preference would be a mid rise as it is placed just where your belly button is cutting the area where unflattering bulges might show. For leg build, there are lots of options per brand ranging from straight cut, bootleg, skinny, and etcetera. If you are confused as to what to buy, a regular straight leg is always a hit or a slight boot cut if you want a little flare at the bottom when wearing boots.

Color and Wash

Stick to a timeless, tried and tested denim wash and style. As brands may introduce different trendy and funky designs, prints, color and wash, you may opt to stay with ones that have survived the test of time if you want to get the most out of your money. Choices are the classic blue jeans you can wear all day, slightly faded jeans for more laid back look and the dark denim for smart-casual attire best paired with any kind of jacket.


After all of these tips, sure enough you will be more efficient in choosing the right pair of jeans for you.

Men’s Fashion: Wedding DO’s and DON’Ts

Getting Married Soon

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Groom and getting married soon? Yes, I know your bride has been ranting about you not caring about the details of your wedding – from the reception color scheme, the flavor of the macaroons for dessert which you don’t even eat, to the seating arrangement of the entourage. And as much as you would want to get involved, you’re just being a man, just nodding and saying “Yes, honey” or “That’s fine” with a sarcastic tired grin for every question she throws at you. But please, don’t let her even stress out over how you look on your wedding day! Your lovable wife-to-be deserves a handsome groom waiting for her at the altar as she walks down the aisle on her big day. Here are some of our nuptial DO’s and DON’Ts for grooms to help you out:


  1. Spend on a tailored suit. Ideally you only get married once. Make an effort, look like a groom and NOT a cheap version of your boss. There are reasonably priced tailored suits available in the market that would look absolutely amazing and expensive on you – fitted to perfection!
  2. Choose a photogenic wardrobe. – At the end of the roller-coaster ride wedding shiznits, all you are left with are wedding bills to pay and wedding pictures. So you better choose the suit style and color that looks best on you.
  3. Splurge wisely. – From the suit to the shoes, try buying something that you can see yourself wearing/using again. Otherwise, you can sell it online easily.
  4. Try asking one of your bride’s sophisticated gaylister friends for clothing advice. – You will be surprised with their genius advice. As a man, they know what they want to see in the mirror, plus as a gay guy, they also know what turns them on.


  1. Don’t ever wear a rented suit. Self-explanatory. Do this, if not for yourself, for your bride. This is your wedding day man! Imagine how many wedding photo ops did that same suit got exposed to.
  2. Don’t forget to accessorize. There are things which are as important as your vow cheat sheet – tie/bowtie, black socks, boutonniere, watch, belt, shoes, cuff-links, shades and handkerchief. Have all of these basic items ready and you are all set.
  3. Don’t be too complacent. Tying the knot is a whole day event so expect a wardrobe malfunction or a food spill or a sweaty you on your wedding day. A little sewing kit and a box of clean tissue might save little glitches but to be sure, have your best man prepare another set of every piece of your clothing just in case something dreadful happens.

Men’s Fashion: Tie and I

Man choosing what tie

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How many times have your colleagues, specifically women, complemented you that your tie looks great? It is just there at the center that the eyes are forced to look at it. And even if it’s not the first thing that people notice, it is the easiest thing to verbalize and a safe hit-on pick-up line. Thinking about it, ties don’t really have a fundamental function. It just hangs on men’s necks. But whether we like it or not, with the perfect fit, it really makes a big difference.

Size matters. Tie with proper size and proportion to your body is important. Wide and narrow ties have been on and off the fashion mainstream, and it is better to continuously update your fashion look book. Tie width range is from 2 ½ to 2 ¾ inches for slim tie and 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches for regular ties. If you want a young modern look, slim tie is the best option; exact width depends on your built. To achieve elegance and to emphasize the V-shape masculine body, some still opt for wider ties. For the length, it is important to note that your belt line is your guide. Make sure the tie tip reaches that assigned base line after the knot.

Guide to color and style, mixing and matching. Wool, pin-dot, club, stripe or repp? Do all of these tie designs confuse you? If you want to be worry-free, a tie in solid dark color (preferably black) is a sure hit. It matches to essentially any basic shirt. A vital tie tip: cotton material on cotton suits and wool material on wool suits. It’s a no brainer matching solid ties and solid shirt but when pattern comes in, a mishap is highly probable. Easy tips: 1) choose a tie and find a shirt with the same color as one of the hues present on the print of the tie, 2) careful with mixing printed shirts and ties with patterns, make sure that only one print dominates, the weight of one is lighter than the other.

Work that bow tie. Themed events has been a craze in the last decade, sure thing you have been invited to a “Bow Tie Party” so it is key to have one handy in your tool box. Whether a tie-it-yourself or a pre-tied one; a good choice for your first bow tie is a black sleek one. Pair it with a shirt under a suit and a pair of oxfords, the Justin Timberlake in you is gonna pop out.

A tie is some kind of a jewel in a man’s outfit. With this piece, it’s just plain form over function.