The Beauty of Fitted to Perfection

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Fitted to perfection is such a beautiful, happy and elegant phrase. It can apply to a lot of things or events, all of which, bringing feelings of joy, warmth and comfort. Often, the phrase also denotes excellence. Milestones in the life of a person can be described by these simple words. Let us then take a look at some of its application and interpretation.


All weddings are supposed to be happy events. Try to imagine the bride gracefully walking down the aisle as the gushing groom in a suit fitted to perfection waits. Of course there are some exceptions to this general rule. But despite it all, the wedding ring fits the bride and the groom’s ring fingers!

Friendships and relationships

Great friendships and all kinds of relationships are always comfortable and complementary. Time, the most valuable of all gifts from God, makes perfection possible. In situations like this, knowing a person comes with time. And upon knowing, comes acceptance which is followed by trust and respect. As time and events unfold a friendship or a relationship, the parties involved are slowly moulded to fit perfectly.

Clothes and accessories

In the case of lingerie, perfection is attained when wearing them feels like having a second layer of skin. As for shoes, it is when you walk on the high heels for an hour or two, maybe even run a bit, and you can still stand on it for the rest of the day. It is fitted to perfection when you do not come home at the end of the day with bruises and swollen feet.

Accessories, on the other hand, compliment the person, not draw attention from the person wearing them. An example is using a scarf. The scarf is normally used as an accent to plainly designed clothes. Its colour should go with the clothes, not against it. The same applies to make-up. It is meant to hide the blemishes, bring colour to the face and exude the natural beauty of the face.

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Once these things are attained, then everything fits just right. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.