Men’s Fashion: Wedding DO’s and DON’Ts

Getting Married Soon

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Groom and getting married soon? Yes, I know your bride has been ranting about you not caring about the details of your wedding – from the reception color scheme, the flavor of the macaroons for dessert which you don’t even eat, to the seating arrangement of the entourage. And as much as you would want to get involved, you’re just being a man, just nodding and saying “Yes, honey” or “That’s fine” with a sarcastic tired grin for every question she throws at you. But please, don’t let her even stress out over how you look on your wedding day! Your lovable wife-to-be deserves a handsome groom waiting for her at the altar as she walks down the aisle on her big day. Here are some of our nuptial DO’s and DON’Ts for grooms to help you out:


  1. Spend on a tailored suit. Ideally you only get married once. Make an effort, look like a groom and NOT a cheap version of your boss. There are reasonably priced tailored suits available in the market that would look absolutely amazing and expensive on you – fitted to perfection!
  2. Choose a photogenic wardrobe. – At the end of the roller-coaster ride wedding shiznits, all you are left with are wedding bills to pay and wedding pictures. So you better choose the suit style and color that looks best on you.
  3. Splurge wisely. – From the suit to the shoes, try buying something that you can see yourself wearing/using again. Otherwise, you can sell it online easily.
  4. Try asking one of your bride’s sophisticated gaylister friends for clothing advice. – You will be surprised with their genius advice. As a man, they know what they want to see in the mirror, plus as a gay guy, they also know what turns them on.


  1. Don’t ever wear a rented suit. Self-explanatory. Do this, if not for yourself, for your bride. This is your wedding day man! Imagine how many wedding photo ops did that same suit got exposed to.
  2. Don’t forget to accessorize. There are things which are as important as your vow cheat sheet – tie/bowtie, black socks, boutonniere, watch, belt, shoes, cuff-links, shades and handkerchief. Have all of these basic items ready and you are all set.
  3. Don’t be too complacent. Tying the knot is a whole day event so expect a wardrobe malfunction or a food spill or a sweaty you on your wedding day. A little sewing kit and a box of clean tissue might save little glitches but to be sure, have your best man prepare another set of every piece of your clothing just in case something dreadful happens.

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