Men’s Fashion: Tie and I

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How many times have your colleagues, specifically women, complemented you that your tie looks great? It is just there at the center that the eyes are forced to look at it. And even if it’s not the first thing that people notice, it is the easiest thing to verbalize and a safe hit-on pick-up line. Thinking about it, ties don’t really have a fundamental function. It just hangs on men’s necks. But whether we like it or not, with the perfect fit, it really makes a big difference.

Size matters. Tie with proper size and proportion to your body is important. Wide and narrow ties have been on and off the fashion mainstream, and it is better to continuously update your fashion look book. Tie width range is from 2 ½ to 2 ¾ inches for slim tie and 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches for regular ties. If you want a young modern look, slim tie is the best option; exact width depends on your built. To achieve elegance and to emphasize the V-shape masculine body, some still opt for wider ties. For the length, it is important to note that your belt line is your guide. Make sure the tie tip reaches that assigned base line after the knot.

Guide to color and style, mixing and matching. Wool, pin-dot, club, stripe or repp? Do all of these tie designs confuse you? If you want to be worry-free, a tie in solid dark color (preferably black) is a sure hit. It matches to essentially any basic shirt. A vital tie tip: cotton material on cotton suits and wool material on wool suits. It’s a no brainer matching solid ties and solid shirt but when pattern comes in, a mishap is highly probable. Easy tips: 1) choose a tie and find a shirt with the same color as one of the hues present on the print of the tie, 2) careful with mixing printed shirts and ties with patterns, make sure that only one print dominates, the weight of one is lighter than the other.

Work that bow tie. Themed events has been a craze in the last decade, sure thing you have been invited to a “Bow Tie Party” so it is key to have one handy in your tool box. Whether a tie-it-yourself or a pre-tied one; a good choice for your first bow tie is a black sleek one. Pair it with a shirt under a suit and a pair of oxfords, the Justin Timberlake in you is gonna pop out.

A tie is some kind of a jewel in a man’s outfit. With this piece, it’s just plain form over function.


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